Beautiful Burns Rolling Papers Butterfly Kisses

Beautiful Burns – Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses design brought to you by Beautiful Burns aim to provide its users with a magical touch of butterflies imbued in the rolling paper itself. Ever since ancient times, butterflies symbolize the human soul, immorality, or afterlife. In Egyptian culture, “the butterflies were presumably one of the pleasures that awaited the deceased in the afterlife, reflecting the Egyptian belief in the immortality of the human soul”. The Greek philosopher Aristotle gave the butterfly the name psyche, which is the Greek word for “soul”.

Poppies and Butterflies April—May, 1890 Van Gogh Museum

In 1898-1890, Van Gogh made a series of paintings called Butterflies made at least four paintings of butterflies and one of a moth. The metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a butterfly was symbolic to Van Gogh of men and women’s capability for transformation.

All over the world, from ancient Egypt to Greek, Irish, and Roman culture, butterflies are a symbol of positive energy, the human soul, and spiritual transformation. Beautiful Burns hopes to dispense the same kind of energy from our Butterfly Kisses rolling papers.