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Elephant Brands has invented a stylish approach for the pre-rolled cones industry. Our company’s mission is to provide aesthetically-desirable quality pre-rolled papers. With our wide variety of designs there are many fashionable and artistic choices available. 

Elephant Brands is a family-run business committed to maintaining our production in the Philippines. We provide jobs to almost 100 Filipinos, most of whom are women. Elephant Brands contributes to the socio-economic development in the region where our production site is located. We provide stable employment with good benefits and comfortable working conditions.

Elephant Brands Philippines staff photo

We offer products That stand out from the rest

We also print your own custom design!

Your customers will surely love our cones that are:

✔️ Ultra-thin

✔️ Slow burning

✔️ Unique

✔️ Eco-friendly

✔️ Plant-based

For retailers, wholesalers, distributors, growers, and pre-roll brands:

Elephant Rolling Papers products


  • A unique product that customers are exited about.
  • They post on social media and share with friends.
  • They are willing to pay a premium price.


  • New colors and designs every few months.
  • The wide variety brings customers back to buy more.
  • Mixed variety cases makes reordering easy.


  • Resellers sell for less than Amazon and still make double their cost.
  • Distributors make 30 to 40 percent.
  • Low MOQ requirements makes getting started easy.

Our brands

Rather than opposite or contrary, our two brands are complementary, interconnected, and interdependent that give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another – much like the Yin and the Yang.

Reinforce beautiful and glamorous expression.

Ever since the creation of Elephant Brands, we have followed the path of responsible production. Research and innovation of the safest materials, along with unique designs, is what makes us stand out among the rest in the industry. Every single one of our cones is a reverberation of a happy Filipino who hand-crafted the product themselves just to provide the customers the most beautiful and glamorous pre-rolled cones.

For each cone, the design patterns, the color palette, and the combination of eco-friendly materials are enriched according to Elephant Brands values – creating glamorous, beautiful, and safe products. Each item is a fruit of labor driven by responsible and sustainable production to achieve one goal – providing customers the best-looking pre-rolled cones there is in the world.

Unlock one's pinnacle of artistic freedom.

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We offer a wide variety of pre-rolled papers for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, growers, and pre-roll brands. You can also request a custom design of your own. Contact us for more information.

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