Elephant Brands Rolling Papers’ Four Pillars of Quality

Here at Elephant Brands, we are committed to reinventing a stylish approach to the pre-rolled cones industry. Our company’s mission is to provide aesthetically desirable products with top-notch quality. Our cones have passed the California Category III testing requirements multiple times. They’re made from natural off-white paper, which is safer since it does not require chemical bleaching. It comes from the biomass (husks & peels) from the fruit of the oil palm tree. We believe that providing safe and beautiful cones is a must in this growing industry.

Here are more reasons to choose Elephant Brands over competitors.

1. Elephant Brands are ultra-thin and slow burning

Elephant Rolling Papers and Beautiful Burns, both under Elephant Brands company, features ultra-thin and slow-burning papers available for end-users to purchase thru the Amazon store. Having these qualities in a rolling paper is also important for wholesalers to retain customers and buyers. These papers are also made out of hemp which is generally known to provide the slow-burning effect and, on top of that, hemp is technically cannabis itself. There are multiple guides to prolong the burn of your rolling paper but it helps if the paper is already made to be slow-burning.

2. Unique-style and extra-long size

Here at Elephant Brands, we take pride in our beautiful and artistic pre-rolled cones. Many have agreed that our products are unique and one of a kind. For people who are socially active, both in the real and digital world, smoking with a colorful rolling paper is always a conversation starter. We also market our products towards people who include rolling papers in their fashion statement. Our wide variety of designs will cover any niche you’re into from animes and movies to music and art.

3. Elephant Brands promote socio-economically production

Elephant Brands Philippines staff photo
Elephant Brands Philippines

We committed to maintaining our production in the Philippines. We provide jobs to almost 100 Filipinos, most of whom are women. Our factory in the Philippines promotes a women-empowered workplace and provides stable jobs for everyone. We offer comfortable working conditions and sponsor regular company events to boost morale. Elephant Brands contributes to the socio-economic development in the region where our production site is located. Every single one of our cones is a reverberation of a happy Filipino who hand-crafted the product themselves.

4. Eco-friendly and made from plant-based colors

Many have asked how our products taste. Well, the colorings we use are made from edible, tasteless plant-based oils with natural pigments. These are deemed safe after passing the California Category 3 testing multiple times.