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What's Elephant Brands?

Elephant Brands is a company that offers pre-rolled paper products with safe, unique, and colorful prints.


What's the difference between Elephant Brands, Elephant Rolling Papers, and Beautiful Burns?

Elephant Brands is the manufacturer of the most unique rolling papers in the world. Our brands include Elephant Rolling Papers and Beautiful Burns Rolling Papers. Beautiful Burns Rolling Papers feature feminine-focused designs that include pastel colors and floral graphic prints. Elephant Rolling Papers designs lean more toward the artistic with designs inspired by music, movies, and art.

Elephant Brands is focused on providing retailers, wholesalers, and distributors the opportunity to offer our distinctive cones to their customers. Elephant Brands also enables growers and pre-rolled brands to set themselves apart by providing white-label packaged options of our popular cones as well as providing fully customizable cone options.

Beautiful Burns Rolling Papers Power Pink Cone
Elephant Rolling Papers Black and Gold Cone


What are your products made of?

We have two paper types - hemp and palm pulp. Our hemp paper type is made of real hemp while the palm pulp comes from the husk of the fruit and NOT the tree itself, in line with our mission to provide sustainable pre-rolled paper products.


Are your products made responsibly?

Our production facility is located in the Philippines where we promote a women-empowered workplace and provide stable jobs for everyone. We offer comfortable working conditions and sponsor regular company events. Elephant Brands is committed to maintaining our production in the Philippines where we provide jobs to Filipinos. Elephant Brands contributes to the socio-economic development in the region where our production site is located.


Where can I buy your products?

For individuals, our products are available in the Beautiful Burns and Elephant Rolling Papers Amazon store.


I want to be a wholesaler or distributor. How Do I start?

For retailers, wholesalers, distributors, growers, contact us directly so we can discuss our wholesale options.


How is your product different from others?

We take pride in the uniqueness of our products. Most rolling paper companies only offer plain white or brown papers. At Elephant Brands, we offer a wide variety of colors and designs to suit customers’ different tastes. We are continually updating our catalog of designs to offer you fresh and exciting options.


How do you make your papers tasteless?

Our papers have almost no taste because we use coloring made from edible, tasteless plant-based oils with natural pigments.


Is your product safe for regular use?

We passed the California Category III testing not once, not twice, but three times. The testing includes checking for unsafe substances like heavy metals, toxic compounds, and microbes. Read to know more.


Why do your products cost more compared to regular pre-rolled cones?

Our products cost more than traditional plain boring pre-rolled papers because of the meticulous steps we take to ensure a beautiful, stylish, useful, safe product winds up in the hands of our customers

Elephant Brands

Ever since the creation of Elephant Brands, we have followed the path of responsible production. Research and innovation of the safest materials, along with unique designs, is what makes us stand out among the rest in the industry. Every single one of our cones is a reverberation of a happy Filipino who hand-crafted the product themselves just to provide the customers the most beautiful and glamorous pre-rolled cones.

For each cone, the design patterns, the color palette, and the combination of eco-friendly materials are enriched according to Elephant Brands values – creating glamorous, beautiful, and safe products. Each item is a fruit of labor driven by responsible and sustainable production to achieve one goal – providing customers the best-looking pre-rolled cones there is in the world.

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